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Meditations On Life

Life is from one perspective war, from another the dance of predators. In fact life simply is, in truth life only dances with its self endlessly transforming from form to form. All Life is reflective of the living cosmos that spawned it in all of its forms both the known and the unknown forms of life. The cosmos is the storm that boils beneath the surface of reality, the storm that both endangers and sustains the island of reality that is the collective of all life that is all connected as life in a given form creates energy of its own kind. Life flows from one form of life to another an unending circle of birth, taking of life and reproduction under an infinitude of terms which are but symbols to sooth the thinking mind that is that of the primate so that the true mind that shared by the serpents can fulfill its drives and remain in concert with the base tone of reality. Life is promoted by the instinctual and refined into comfort by the rational. Feeling is a part of life from the moment of creation, emotion or civil feelings are controls sought and used by those who would rule and shape life. One in touch with life in its pure state sets aside anger but not aggression. Anger is the response of the ego, aggression is life’s response to a threat to it’s self. The cosmos is a living sentience yet are its thoughts those lives which are self aware. All that is has but one source, thus does all move in concert and each manifestation of life partake in all else that is be it living or not living. Blade and breath, fang and claw the will wakes the dragon to slay the speaking ape and thus life is sustained and the ape allowed to be reborn for its season. Here is life and its dance, the primal and the rational each with its role to play. In clarity the dance is not, the war is not, life like death which is its rest simply is. The self aware are living universes onto themselves thus are life and infinity one and the same. As life and infinity are one so are both life and death one as portions of eternity in equal measure, flowing from the omega point at the event horizon of all possible futures. Dawn and dusk are one moment, the breath of any living being at birth, death, sleep or waking. The infinite is life, life is infinite perfect and primal raging from the first cause yet infinitely calm, life and death, dream and waking in the end or the beginning opposites have no meaning and are no more having never been save in the mind of those who segment the fury that is life. Here is rage glorified, unceasing in its unfolding of the many expressions of its self, here is life.