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The serenity of the void versus the illusion of peace

Peace is too often confused with the idea of comfort and many seek to maintain what they are comfortable with and call it peace. Others assume what they desire or would will to be best and thus peace; certainty of any kind should be cause to question one’s self. What many seek as peace is stability as to one’s individual life or the stability of one’s group, stability of this sort can also be related to the concept of harmony. Harmony allows for a range within the scope of the harmony where peace if strictly understood requires uniformity not unlike tyranny showing how close the two concepts are, how thin the line between the two are. If we set aside peace, if we set aside personal comfort in favor of stability on a personal level and through it harmony with present circumstance we find a mental and emotional basis from which one can endure no matter the present circumstance.

Peace requires consensus and thus the agreement and backing of others if not dependence on them. Individual stability and harmony is a matter of balance and awareness which are matters of self control. Peace belongs to the realm of the senses, the visible and as such can be manipulated; individual stability is within the individual and is real or is not. By being aware of peace as pretense of the mundane world while building one’s inward stability one is able to participate in the illusion of peace and take advantage of it without being bound to conform to it. Building the self one is better able to promote harmony within one’s scope and definition and so long as the intent is harmony one’s acts will be worked into the objective or transpersonal harmony of the world. One must also know when not to act in harmony with the world i.e. when to cause change all the while maintaining one’s individual balance and thus one’s individual harmony and stability no matter what the changes in the world are or are not as the case may be.

The void includes the harmony of the world as well as all possible harmonies of the world and all permutations thereof as shown in the cycles of the eight manifest elements whose ebb and flow maintains and creates the ninth element known as energy. By syncing one’s personal harmony or aura with the void rather than any one configuration of the world one is able to maintain and sustain one’s self no matter of the changes, ebb and flow of the world. The void is not and is never still, it does not offer peace the void is in fact a seething storm. For all of its violence and uncertainty the void is constant, ever being adjusted as the ranges of possibilities in the world and the cosmos change. The consistency of the void is its serenity and one by centering on the void can stand in the midst of the storms of the world knowing them to be but phantasms in the face of the void. The very storms that would destabilize others do not touch one that has chosen to become the eye of the cosmic storm and in fact are made to serve such an individual as energy that the individual can make use of. Serenity is not a high or a lack of emotion or reaction rather serenity is a perspective that allows one to cope no matter what happens or does not happen on the stage of the world. From the even keel of the void one can move through the world as a shark through the sea or in any way that one would will to do. In the face of serenity the illusion of peace is as a formation of leaves in the wind, which are lovely but without substance that one can use save as a distraction; a man that seeks peace is always seeking, the void is eternal.

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