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Kiba no Kuroi Kaze: the fangs of the black wind

Most in the martial arts know of the Kiai or “spirit-shout” used to release Ki and direct Chi out of the body into a target. In Nin Do or the Silent Way adepts know of the silent Kiai in which the spirit-shout is not voiced with the mouth but rather vibrated inside the body for the same uses as the normal Kiai but adapted for stealth. The principle behind the Kiai can also be seen in the skills of Saiminjitsu as per the sub-form of the hypnotic voice. Words are thoughts given form as vibration which can be seen in a voice breaking glass on a mundane level or the power of words to influence thought, emotions and the will of others on an esoteric level. By joining the mundane and esoteric levels of the power of words as well as names which are abstracted as writing and symbols one has an overt manifestation of the energy of the void. By conjoining the mundane and esoteric levels of the power of the voice as a form of the energy of the void with movement one is harnessing the void on all levels of being the personal, the transpersonal and the subjective.

By taking key words that evoke powerful thoughts, memories, and drives and so on and letting the vibration of them move the body one is able to use the principles of Kiai in a receptive way rather than a projective way. It should be noted that by doing so in a willed and conscious way one learns how not to react to language aimed at affecting the same things in a negative way in the target. Having learned how to use the energy of the void in a receptive manner as to the principles of the Kiai one comes to refine how to use the same in a projective manner. The energy known as the Kuroi Kaze or “the black wind” is the force created by the transition of air, water, fire, earth, wood, metal, jewel and matter and energy just as matter is about to slow down into wind. The voice is linked with wind by nature so that to invoke the black wind as the voice one must draw the elements of one’s self that resonate with the elements of nature into one’s voice or one’s reception of the Om-Mo that is accessible in the void. This empowered voice whether internal or external is the “teeth of the wind” Kiba no Kuroi Kaze, it must be studied receptively and a projective mode before harnessing the teeth of the wind as a way of uniting thought, word and deed.

A key practice in this set of techniques is to expose one’s self to words, language and sounds that cause one to react negatively or in any way one would not will for one’s self. One must learn to use the inner true voice to negate the effects of what one is exposing one’s self to. One must next expose one’s self to words, language and sounds that make one feel empowered or build one, one must learn not to be moved without willing to be so moved. In doing this one gains control of one’s actions and an awareness of what can move one, the negative triggers can be the root of defensive movements while empowering triggers can be the root of offensive movements. Knowledge of one’s personal triggers can open a pathway to understanding the triggers of others and how to use them. These triggers are a form of the teeth of the wind and one must guard against them as much as master them. Understanding that word triggers are forms of energy leads one to sense the energies behind the intent that forms these triggers whether that are negative or empowering.