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The essence of our Nin-Do

The essence of our Nin-do going from a student to a disciple of the way

How does one know the difference between a student and a disciple? Is it that the disciple is somehow more committed? Somehow better? We think not, because for us a disciple is one who lives the way, one who recognizes their own faults for what they are and who does not blame others for their own problems. It is said that the transcendental cannot be told, it can only be experienced, and we have learned how true that really is.


During our stay at the Dojo of the underworld, we have learned and experienced a great many things. We have conquered the 8 demons of the self and made them our allies. We have known fear, anger, overconfidence and overcome them, for all of these things limit your perception and give you a false sense of who and what you are. Below we have listed some of the more relevant teachings to help those who are starting along the path.


  1. Never think for an instant that you are some hot-shit Billy bad ass invincible warrior. This is the ego which must be kept under control. Just remember “there will always be someone better than you, always someone faster, stronger, smarter, younger or more agile.” Never look down or up at an opponent.


  1. Ask yourself, “why am I Doing what I am doing?” do you wish to learn the silent way so that you can impress others? In the words of Grandmaster Kim: “to seek the notice and acceptance in the eyes of others is merely a stroke to your own ego and does you no good.” The only person that you should be learning for is you and only you. To try and impress others puts you in their power.

  1. Do not take anything at face value and do not assume anything, to do so is to limit your perception. As well try and see problems from every angle, not just the one that you wish to see. This builds understanding of the self and as such an understanding of the all.


  1. Anger as a response to s situation is a natural human trait but it must be controlled. When you are angry and your adrenaline causes blood to flow away from your limbs and it floods your organs thereby actually making you less mobile, and able to do what must be done. Note that control does not mean suppression, for as sensei told us, “A god denied is a demon born.”


  1. Never lose control of your ability to handle a situation, especially to unwavering hatred. This will make you no better than those who you hate. This also presents the same problems of unbridled anger in terms of clouding judgment and reason. The true power that a Ninja has others is the power of a calm mind.


  1. Do not discount the words or teachings of others for everything and everyone has a lesson to teach that may be beneficial if it is accepted with an open heart and mind.


  1. When training in a dojo with others one should be aware that all are equal and that the other students are like your family. Treat them with the same respect and courtesy that you wish for them to give you. Do not be greedy for attention for if you are then you are losing sight of the path.


  1. We have learned that many if not all of the emotional weakness of the ninja stem from fear. Fear is the mind killer, if you look at why people needlessly react in negative ways towards other people out of whatever justification they have, you will realize that in truth they are afraid afraid. Fear for us is the root of all other evils, especially the fear of weakness which can drive one to do utterly ignorant things. When one feels an emotion consider its source.


This time we were told would be much harder, but we said that we could handle it. We were overconfident and we admitted a great many harsh things to ourselves. We have realized that one of the single most great and yet terrifying things is to be completely and utterly alone. And in the midst of the great emptiness of oneself one comes to know the truth. The only person who will always be with you, who will always be there to back you up, defend you and teach you no matter what, is you.

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